Take care of Your Veins Today

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Take care of Your Veins Today


Take care of Your Veins Today


If there is a problem in the path, the veins will become stiff, and the smallest clot can disturb the blood flow, putting the health of an individual at risk. One of the problems that might occur in this path, which is very common, is peripheral vascular disease. In this disease, damages to veins and blockages in them mainly occur in veins that are farther from the heart, causing varicose Veins, which must be prevented. In this text, there are a few nutrition recommendations for preventing such problems.

Be Careful with the Health of Your Vessels Today

How many hours do you spend a day in a sitting position? The answer is: a lot. Many of us have to spend a lot of hours sitting on a chair due to our jobs. Therefore, it is essential not to be Sedentary during non-working hours. After the work, we have to avoid sitting for long durations so that the heart is forced to be active. Inactivity, poor nutrition, obesity and genetic factors are some of the effective factors for impaired of blood flow in legs and occurrence of varicose veins.

You need to visit a specialist in case of suffering from phlebitis or other vascular diseases in order to prevent possible thrombosis. The good news is that by having the genetic background, spider veins or minor varicose veins can be avoided by adherence to the principles of quality of life. You just need to make some changes in your life and diet.

Drink Tomato Juice in the Morning

Tomato seeds have anticoagulant properties and can improve blood flow in veins. In order to benefit from this unique property of tomato, you can locally put a slice of this vegetable on your varicose and spider veins for a few minutes. Rinse your legs with cold water after a tingling or itching feeling.

In addition, it is essential to start your day by drinking a glass of natural tomato juice. Nothing like this drink is able to improve the blood flow. It is also noteworthy that tomato has very few calories. This beneficial compound also acts as a diuretic, activating the metabolism to burn fat.

Aloe Vera and Honey for Improving Blood Flow and Relieving Pain

To pay attention to the heath of arteries, two compounds can be applied. Aloe Vera and Honey create a combination which is extremely effective for reducing the inflammation of varices. Using these compounds leads to the stimulation of blood return and coping with pain and edema (swelling) in the legs. To prepare this mixture, combine one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon (15 gr) of Aloe Vera gel and one glass (200 ml) of water. You just need to heat the water up to the boiling point and then add Aloe Vera and honey. Stir the mixture and consume after each meal every day.

Say Hello to a High-fiber Diet

You need to make some changes in your diet in order to stimulate blood flow in the body and legs. Having a high-fiber diet, consisting of vegetables, fruits and grains, is essential for the health of veins. Meanwhile, it is crucial to decrease salt consumption to reduce water retention and swelling. In order to increase your fiber intake, you can consume seeds (e.g., chia and sunflower), grains (e.g., oat and buckwheat), barley bread, pasta made from whole flour, vegetables (e.g., asparagus, zucchini, beets, artichoke, broccoli), lentils, dried fruit, pistachios, walnuts, and fruits (e.g., apple, pineapple, strawberry).

Some General Recommendations for Improvement of Blood Flow in Legs

v  Wash your calves with cold water every morning and night. By doing so, blood flow in the body is accelerated. For this process, wash your feet with 36-38°C for five-six seconds. After that, wash your feet with cold water for six second.

v  Avoid inactivity in order to improve the blood flow in legs. In addition, it is essential to sleep in a position that your legs are a little higher than your body. In case of having a desk job, you have to stand up and move once in a while. Place a small pillow under your legs for sleep, in a way that your legs are 15 cm higher than your head.

v  It is noteworthy that surgery is the only solution for severe inflammation of veins and swollen varicose veins. However, adherence to the mentioned simple principles can prevent the occurrence of these impairments.


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